The A-Z’s of Cannabis Culture

How has it been a year already? October 17th, 2019 marks a year of cannabis legalization in Canada and kicks off Legalization 2.O. And although this is a time of celebration, we also take it as a sign to get-in-the-know with all things cannabis! One thing that’s hard to keep up with is all the dope lingo; so to get started, here are the A-Z’s of Cannabis Culture.



420- Slang term for the consumption of cannabis


Acapulco Gold- a variety of Cannabis that was originally grown in the mountains of Mexico


Blaze – To light up/ smoke Cannabis
Blunt – Hollowed out cigarette filed with cannabis
Bud – The part of the cannabis plant that is consumed
Bong – A water pipe used for smoking


Cannabidiol – The psychotropic chemical compound found in cannabis, most commonly known as CBD.
Cherry – Slang for the burning ember at the tip of a joint


Dab – Slang used for hash oil, an extract from cannabis
Dabbing – Slang term for smoking or vaping hash oil
Dank – Slang used to describe high-quality cannabis


Edible – Food or drink containing cannabis
Extracts – Products made that contain cannabis resin


Flower – The part of the cannabis plant that is consumed for therapeutic qualities


Ganga – Hindi words for cannabis
Grass – a slang word for cannabis
Green closet – State of secretly using cannabis
Grinder – Device used to grind cannabis before consuming it


Hashish – Resin that contains THC that is collected from the cannabis plant. Most commonly referred to as hash.
Hemp oil – Extract from cannabis seeds
Hit – The act of smoking or vaping
Hotbox – Slang term for smoking cannabis in an enclosed space


Industrial hemp – cannabis that is cultivated to make products that are not psychoactive


Join – A cannabis cigarette


Kush – A high-grade strand of cannabis


Lid – A measure of cannabis. It is usually one ounce to 1 ½ ounces.


Magical brownie – Slang word for a cannabis edible
Magic mushroom – A hallucinogenic drug typically referred to as “shrooms”.
Marijuana – Slang word for cannabis
Mary Jane – Slang word for cannabis
Munchies – Increased appetite which often occurs after the consumption of cannabis


Nug – Slang term for a bud of high-quality cannabis


One hitter – A pip for smoking cannabis


Pot – Another word for cannabis
Pothead – A term used to describe a frequent consumer of cannabis


Quarter – An ounce of marijuana


Reefer – Term used to describe cannabis
Roach – the remains of a joint or blunt after most of it has been smoked
Rolling paper – Specialty paper used for making cannabis cigarettes


Skunk – Variety of cannabis that is known for its pungent scent
Spliff – slang for a cannabis cigarette
Stash – A term used to describe a supply of cannabis
Stoned – Term for someone who is under the influence of cannabis
Stoner – Term for someone who heavily consumes cannabis


Tetrahydrocannabinoil (THC) – A psychoactive substance found in cannabis often referred to as THC
Toke – Slang for a puff of cannabis smoke
Toker – Slang term to describe one who smokes cannabis
Terpenes – A large group of colatile unsaturated hydrocarbons that is found I essential oils of plants such as cannabis.


Uzi – Slang for a cannabis pipe


Vape or Vaping – Act of consuming the active ingredients in cannabis


Weed – Slang word for cannabis
Water pipe – Device used to filter cannabis smoke through water


X – Descriptive reference to marijuana


Yellow submarine – Term for a strand of cannabis


Zoinked – Slang for someone who is high on cannabis
Zig zags – Slang for rolling papers
Zoogie – Another term for a cannabis cigarette


Whether you are new to the cannabis word or a well-versed in all things cannabis, there is so much more to learn and we’d love to hear from you! What are we missing?


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