The Importance Of Digital Transformation

The concept of digital transformation is not new, but over the last few months the impacts of COVID-19 on all industries has brought this concept to the forefront of every single small business and enterprise organization in the world.

What is Digital Transformation?

The simple definition of digital transformation is leveraging digital technology to solve business problems – such as taking manual work, and finding digital ways to transform the processes making them more efficient as a result. This is different for every company depending on what tools and technology are needed for each individual business need. As technology advances seemingly by the minute, digital transformation is a moving target for everyone – with new tools and software becoming available all the time.

How can my company embrace Digital Transformation?

Does your company have an e-commerce website or are you relying on solely in-store shoppers? Are you using a CRM or still managing leads manually? Are you investing in online advertising? Now is the time to really investigate what areas of your business need a digital strategy.

Digital transformation puts technology at the center of your business. It means an investment in both the tools required and in the team that will be leveraging those tools in terms of hiring and training. Making this change requires rethinking (and potentially forgetting) how you did things in the past and embracing change, committing to continued ongoing growth.

Arguably, businesses that have fared best in the midst of the current pandemic are companies that were already set up for success by having virtual ways of working and connecting while out of office, with tools, processes, and teams in place for a nearly seamless transition from the norm.

Digital Services your business should take advantage of

Aside from updating your businesses internal tools and processes, with the online landscape now more saturated than ever as every business suddenly moves online (as marked by the sudden surge of Shopify sites launching in the last few months) your business will need additional digital services to support either launching or extending the reach of your current online presence. At FAULHABER we offer several digital services that can help you get started in your own digital transformation:

  • Social Media Marketing Social media is the core of a brand’s digital identity. The right social media strategy provides brands an opportunity to directly connect with and inspire consumers, build trust, and create brand affinity. Is your business leveraging the power of social media? Is it driving results? If not, and you’re unsure how to get started, we can help. 
  • Digital Marketing Digital advertising is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for search, social, display,  or programmatic advertising, let our team of experts guide you towards a strategy to reach your objectives. We will work with you to figure out how best to allocate the budget you have to areas that will drive the most impact.
  • Influencer Marketing Getting a product in the right hands, at the right time can have high return. At FAULHABER we believe that an effective influencer strategy is much more than identifying a nice feed with high reach and paying for posts. We look for authentic voices and people who create custom content that engages and drives results.
  • Virtual Events Large scale in-person events may be on hold for the time being, but there’s no reason you can’t host a high-impact online event with 1,000+ people in attendance for your next product launch and include a tactile element for everyone attending. We can help walk you through the logistics and manage the event from start to finish.
  • FConsults Are you wondering what CRM you need? Do you want to know how much you should be paying for Facebook ads? Are you unsure how to reach out to an influencer to promote your brand? Through our consulting program, we offer strategic marketing and PR support on an hourly basis for both local and global businesses. Get in touch with us to learn more here.