The Inevitable Marriage of Public Relations and Content Marketing

Some matches just make sense. When the connection is strong, it’s bound to work out. The happy marriage between public relations and content marketing is right around the corner. You could even call them a power couple.

Still, every couple has its differences. Content marketing creates an audience while public relations target audiences that already exist.

Here are some ways the crossover between public relations and content marketing is happening right now:

Communication is key

Public relations and content marketing have one major thing in common…they both love to communicate. In the digital age, this communication never stops. Content marketing is big on social media, which allows brands to be engaged with by the public. This engagement can be overwhelming to manage, that’s where public relations professionals come in. For brands to build loyalty, reputation, and recognition, they need content marketing and public relations. That’s where this marriage begins.

A commitment to loyalty

To build loyalty, content marketers should ensure that their customers are seeing relevant information put out by them. This will create awareness and continue to pique interest in a brand. A study published in Marketing Intelligence & Planning found that public relations have a positive effect on brand loyalty when their reputation is favourable. Another similarity is how loyalty comes from reputation building and is beneficial to both public relations and content marketing alike.

“You and me we got big reputations”

Reputation is essential for brands. To build a reputation within an industry, companies will need consistent and compelling content. To maintain that reputation, public relations experts are there to promote, protect, and defend a favourable public image. We all know how fragile a reputation can be; that’s why it takes two to build it and keep it going strong.

A little bit of recognition goes a long way

Every brand has some form of competition. To create brand recognition, content marketing and public relations should emphasize attributes that make a brand stand out over others. This builds trust since it shows consumers what makes this brand special. This is something that both content marketers and public relations professionals can do.

It’s time for content marketing and public relations to lean on one another as they build brand loyalty, brand recognition, and reputation through their work. It’s clear that they need each other to truly be successful.

Plus, with all these similarities, it seems like it’s time for public relations and content marketing to officially become one.