The Power Of Nano Influencers


Today it is no surprise that most integrated digital marketing campaigns include some form of influencer marketing. Organic reach, engaged audiences, personalized content, and real faces bringing life and style to a brand consistently prove to be an efficient strategy to help brands achieve their goals and expand their audiences. While some brands may choose to work with influencers with millions of followers, we believe it is important not to neglect the smaller creators. Nano influencers pack a small but mighty punch and can have a huge impact on driving conversion and creating authentic community conversations. Jennifer Nguyen, Digital + Social Media Coordinator, shares the top three reasons why you should consider nano influencers for your next influencer campaign.


To compensate for a smaller audience, nano influencers amp up their other skills to stand out in the competitive world of influencer marketing. Take Allison Lang as an example who just did a MEC campaign with Faulhaber.

On top of being an influencer, Allison is also a photographer, model and diversity advocate. She merged all of her strengths to deliver visually captivating content for MEC’s 50th anniversary campaign. No iphone selfies here – Allison shoots and edits with high quality photography equipment- which is a consistent trend amongst many nano influencers nowadays. 


While a macro influencer provides greater reach across multiple locations around the world, a nano influencer offers a specific, niche and targeted option. A nano influencer is a great option to get your brand noticed in areas that could not be reached through other strategies or where you need to take a hyper local approach. Take Melissa Shabinsky’s account as an example. We worked with Melissa, a local Ottawa personality and business owner, to grow awareness around the launch of Home Societe’s new Ottawa store. Melissa is not only a contributor to Ottawa at Home Magazine but also a philanthropist and a super well known presence in the city. Although her audience is not in the millions, her audience is made out of dedicated Ottawa locals who trust her opinion.


You would think that a higher follower account equals higher engagement- right? According to Influencer Marketing hubs, Nano influencers experience higher engagement rates than Macro influencers due to their engaged audience and connection with their followers. The higher engagement rate between nano influencers in comparison to macro is a great indicator that the product advertised on the nano influencers page will warrant more love and sales due to the trust between influencer and consumer.



On top of those three key highlights, nano influencers are cost efficient, help facilitate authentic and loyal brand following and – of course – convert to sales. Think of nano influencers as extensions of your social circle. You’re more likely to buy a product from a trusted friend through word of mouth than randomly passing by an obvious ad. The future of digital marketing relies on trustworthy relationships between consumers and companies which nano influencers help create and facilitate. When conceptualizing your next influencer campaign, consider the small but mighty nano influencer.

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