The Skills You Can Learn to Have More Success in Your PR Career

We talk constantly about the speed at which the world and industry is changing. It’s true! What you need to be successful today is very different than what you needed 20 years ago.

Below are a few skills that make FAULHABER applicants standout:

A second language – French, Cantonese and Mandarin are all assets as the breadth and depth of the clients we service grows.

Design and production skills – As there are more channels you can use to reach target consumers than ever before it’s especially important to know how to create content for every screen. At FAULHABER we have subject matter experts but a truly integrated team. Everyone works on digital and content making these skills especially important. It is foolish to think you can opt out of understanding the digital landscape. This is a trend we will continue to see as automation takes the world by storm.

Professional empathy – Professional empathy is a skill many lack and few spend time to acquire. Developing this skill early on will make you a popular colleague and in time, a successful leader.

Event production related skills – As direct to consumer events and experiences are more prevalent than ever before, it’s an asset to know how to style beautiful spaces or design florals for example.


Andrea Anders 

Vice President