The Top Tourism Trends Set to Take Off in 2022

The Top Tourism Trends Taking Flight in 2022

Much like all of us, the tourism industry has been through a rollercoaster of moments for almost the last two years. 

When COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic and the world essentially shut down normal activity in March of 2020, the tourism industry came to a halt. In efforts to stop the spread of the virus both domestically and internationally, traveling was no longer an option for most. As vaccines became available and cases started to decrease for the majority of 2021, the tourism industry was given a second life and business started to boom. 

Flash forward to today – just a week away from a brand New Year – where uncertainty regarding tourism is starting to set in again and questions concerning traveling in 2022 continue to loom. 

However, with a new year comes a new approach to how we choose to live our lives. Including how, where, and when we travel. Though it may look different again, we have rounded up the top five tourism trends that are sure to take over in 2022.


As the majority of the world made the pivot to working from home over the last couple of years, many individuals are growing tired of taking their Zoom meetings from the desk in their bedroom and are yearning for adventure again. You’ve heard of the ‘Staycation,’ but now it’s time for the ‘Workcation’ to shine. In 2022, you can expect WFH to transition into WFA (work from ANYWHERE) as employees begin to take full advantage of the online workspace and choose to log on from a destination of their choice. As most offices continue to stay closed into the New Year, working online isn’t going away anytime soon, allowing the opportunity for workers with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection to fulfil the tasks of their 9-to-5 from wherever they please.

Last-minute Plans

With rules and regulations to travel procedures getting changed on a daily, uncertainty around vacation plans continues to be a struggle for those who have trips booked and itineraries ready. In 2022, the rise of last-minute vacation plans is inevitable. Travelers are now planning their trips with cautious confidence, leaving finalized bookings to the last minute, in hopes to minimize the risk of having to cancel. Taking this route isn’t ideal for the Type A traveler but you know what they say, last-minute plans are the best plans.

Home is Where the Heart is

Domestic travel was a major tourism trend in 2021, and it’s one that is sticking around in 2022. Travelling doesn’t always have to mean visiting a destination on the other side of the world – it can be done right here at home. Many took the concerns around international travel last year as an opportunity to focus on what their home country has to offer, choosing to stick nationwide rather than crossing borders. As the majority of individuals still feel uncomfortable traveling to different countries, it’s expected that traveling domestically will increase even better into the New Year. Whether it be renting a cottage a few hours away from home, or taking the train to a city you’ve never been to, choosing to stay home will continue to be the popular choice in 2022.

Traveling Sustainably 

Another issue on most people’s minds revolves around ways in which they can do their part in the fight against climate change. As the majority of society continues to seek out different ways they can lead a more eco-friendly life, the trend of traveling in a sustainable fashion looks to solidify itself in 2022 and stick around for the future to come. 

Travelers are now looking to opt for ecotels or boutique hotels to help reduce their carbon footprint when taking trips around the world. As for the transport portion of traveling, people are encouraged to choose the most sustainable mode of transportation to get them to their destination, including flying directly in economy class if a plane is required. Not only are individuals concerned about what they can do to help be environmentally sustainable, but also how they can be socially sustainable when visiting foreign places. An increasing trend includes visitors setting aside time on their trips to volunteer for community projects, offering support and assistance to the local environment that may need it.

Additionally, travelers will be more conscious of how they can pack, shop, and eat sustainably when vacationing.

Wellness Travel

After experiencing the trials and tribulations of the world at its peak over the last two years, it is no doubt that many individuals are seeking some much needed R&R. Heading into 2022, expect many to dedicate vacation time to improve their wellbeing and mental health as they try to unplug from realities of the world and recharge for the future. While some will choose to experience the ‘Workcation,’ others will ensure that they are completely offline and unavailable while in vacation-mode, prioritizing their wellness and choosing to indulge in a well-deserved break. 

However the tourism landscape begins to take shape in 2022, FAULHABER can help navigate it and maximize your business. Get in touch with us!