Three Ways To Elevate Your Next Content Shoot

Picture this: your product is the talk of the town. It appears across multiple platforms and everyone is dying to get their hands on it. Your shiny, well packaged product is the desire of many. But wait – there’s only one thing that stands between your product being the next big thing. A content shoot. Whether it be a captivating in-action lifestyle photo or a gorgeous product shot, there’s no question that what stands between a good product and a GREAT product is how it’s shot. FAULHABER recognizes the importance of content production for any business looking to stand out in today’s market and knows that no picture snapped on a phone will do in today’s industry. Jennifer Nguyen, Digital and Social Media Coordinator (and freelance Creative Director) shares her top three tips to consider when planning your next content shoot (and how to get ahead in the world of content creation)!

Determine your mission and execute a plan to visually communicate it

One of the most important aspects of content creation is setting yourself apart from the rest of the competitors. There are multiple versions of your brand’s product fighting for the eyes of the consumer and the only thing that will push you ahead is infusing your company’s mission into your marketing plan and communicating that in all aspects of your advertising. For example, THINK: what type of shampoo do you use? What gravitates you to that sort of shampoo? Is it the product? Or the lifestyle and mission sold with the product? Content shoots are a great way to push the heart of your company’s product or to highlight elements of the product that can’t be instantly recognized just by looking at the packaging.

Research visual trends and how it translates to your audience

Cottage Core, Dark Academia, Y2K- the list goes on. This year has brought us a multitude of visual aesthetics that have shaped culture as we know it. It’s in the media we consume, the fashion we wear and heavily influences the buying market. While it’s important to stand alone as a brand and not to chase trends FULLY, it’s important to be aware of the market and demand of society today. With timely visual elements and your company’s mission thought out, your company will be able to start trends with the two elements infused, not chase them.

Gather your crew

Once you’ve determined your mission and explored the vision, your next step is to curate your dream team that will help bring your plan to life. While a photographer and model may be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of who to hire, consider onboarding these other roles to really bring polish to your final product.

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Creative Director
  • Makeup Artist
  • Hair Artist
  • Stylist
  • Prop Stylist
  • Set Assistants
  • Photo Assistants
  • Producer

Phew. That’s a lot! Feeling overwhelmed? We get it, planning a photoshoot has many moving elements but fear no more, FAULHABER can help. Whether it be finding the perfect photographer to bring your vision to life or the perfect stylist to make sure everything is in place, FAULHABER has a multitude of resources to make sure your next shoot is a success. FAULHABER works with in-house and external talent to help bring visions to life. Interested in working with FAULHABER on your next shoot? Contact us here