Top 10 Tips to Throw a Flawless Dinner Party

THOMAS SABO’s Charm Club is 10 years old!

To celebrate a decade of the iconic Charm Club range, FAULHABER, together with THOMAS SABO, hosted an exquisite, private dinner party under the stars on the rooftop of Malaparte in Toronto.

Take a page out of our book as we share our top 10 tips to throw a flawless dinner party:

Expect The Best; Prepare For The Worst. FAULHABER always has a backup plan. If you’re having an outdoor party, set up your table under a cover in case the weather isn’t on your side that evening.

Ambiance Is Key. FAULHABER knows how to light a room. Line your table with mirrored candle holders to create a whimsical feel, drape fairy lights from branches to line the pathway to your event.

Have A Reason To Come Together. FAULHABER knows accomplishments are better celebrated with workplace friends. Bring your party together with fine wine, music and great food.  Don’t forget to make those all-important introductions – you’re all there for the same reason, but not everyone at your table will know each other!

Decorate With Place Cards. FAULHABER loves the personal touch. Handwritten place cards are a great way to show your guests their attendance is valued, and they are really pretty to look at!

Keep It Intimate. FAULHABER invests in their guests. You’re not throwing a massive rager! A dinner party should be personal – you should be able to chat with all of the guests at your table. Make them feel loved!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. FAULHABER knows how to create a picture perfect setting. Find a spot to set up an impromptu photo booth for your guests – when your dinner party makes it on Instagram you know it was a success!

Capture The Night. FAULHABER always has a photographer on hand. If your party calls for it, make sure you have a photographer documenting your evening. While guests are documenting their selfies on social media – your photographer will be capturing the unseen moments for use later on.

More Is More.  FAULHABER fuels a party. Don’t leave your guests high and dry – stock your table with the best wines to complement your meal. Don’t forget to pop a bottle of bubbles if you’re celebrating!

Propose A Toast. FAULHABER makes sure to clink. Make sure you take the time to thank your guests for spending their evening celebrating with you. Raise a glass, it’s important to show appreciation.

Table Takeaways. FAULHABER treats their guests. Ensure your guests leave with a great feeling about the night (as if the food, wine, pictures and ambiance wasn’t enough!). Give them a tasteful takeaway like a mini cake, or something sentimental to remember your evening.

We wish you success in your next party, whether it’s a celebration like our THOMAS SABO Charm Club Tenth Anniversary Party or a more intimate dinner!


Photography Credit: Ryan Emberley