Every year you’ve probably heard about Nuit Blanche but honestly, have you ever had that one moment where you’re like “Wait –what exactly IS Nuit Blanche?”.  Well, the FSQUAD is here to give you the low-down on not only what it is, but what you could do to have an amazing night this year!

Nuit Blanche is a free, annual city-wide celebration of contemporary, locally-produced art for one sleepless night! Starting from sunset on September 30th to sunrise on October 1st, the city will transform into an artistic playground that showcases all the amazing talent that Toronto has to offer.

Here are Faulhaber’s top 5 suggestions for what you can do to have a fabulous Nuit Blanche:

1. First, Coffee.

It’s going to be a long (but fun!) night, so make sure you’re well prepared with a warm cup of coffee (or three). We are in love with Balzac’s traditional marble roast, assuredly named Balzac’sBlend. When a blend is named after the company, you just know it’s going to be good. This coffee blend is flavour #goals. Order yourself some here.

Image courtesy of Balzacs

2. Immerse yourself in art all night long!

If you love wandering around art galleries and feeling 50 shades of sophisticated, you’re in luck. Starting at 7 pm until 7 am, you can visit the Art Gallery of Ontario completely for free! If that’s not awesome enough, the AGO is also hosting a free performance dubbed “The Forest” by AGO artist-in-residence Will Kwan. Learn more about this unique opportunity here.

Image courtesy of the Culture Trip

3. Meet the Ghosts

This year on Bay street, visit 5 different exhibitions that showcase a luminous engagement – Life on Neebahgeezis strives to share lived encounters and events of Toronto’s current colonial power. The exhibition speaks to the tension and history between Indigenous and non-indigenous governance in Canada. Definitely not something to be missed, learn more about the project’s curator here.

Image courtesy of

4. Learn about how design can change the future.

East Harbour, formerly known as the Unilever Soap Factory, is going to be totally transformed for the inaugural 10-day festival that is EDIT: The Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology. EDIT is a humongous 150,000 square foot immersive experience that will immerse attendees in innovative design, thought-provoking ideas and futuristic exhibitions that will transform the way you think about the world and its future. Visit this amazing festival from the 28th of September to the 8th of October, get your tickets here.

Image courtesy of

5. Discover some Stranger Things…

If you Netflix and Chill, chances are you’ve probably heard of the hit show “Stranger Things”. Well, for this year’s Nuit Blanche, Netflix is recreating the world of the Upside Down near Osgood Hall! Visitors can go through an underground walkway in hazmat suits to protect themselves from maple syrup slime, with trademark images from the show’s alternate dimensions. This installation was created specifically for Nuit Blanche in anticipation of the lead-up to the series’ second season – don’t miss out on this one-time event! Learn more about it here.

Image courtesy of domesticatedmama