Top 5 Tips When Marketing to Gen Z’s

As marketers, it’s our job to understand a brand’s target audience and what drives them to purchase a product or service. We have a new generation emerging into adulthood and purchasing power; hello, Gen Z’s. Born between 1996 and 2012, influencing this generation is critical for current business success and the future. Gen Z is the largest generation in modern history, and as these ‘kids’ grow into brands, it’s their consumer decisions that will have a significant impact for years to come.

Our Digital Marketing team attended LaterCon, hosted by Later and learned valuable insights on this upcoming generation, and no, it isn’t just that they love Tik Tok. Read below for Later’s top 5 tips when marketing to Gen Z.


  1. Values and brand mission are a must

While corporate social responsibility saw a wave with Millenials, it is time to hone in on your brand’s values and mission. 49% of consumers within the Gen Z generation believe a company should have a strong social responsibility.

When thinking about your marketing tactics for this generation, be sure to communicate your values and mission seamlessly throughout the customer journey, which leads us directly to our next tip.


  1. Be ready for transparency and heightened accountability

Pair a generation that has grown up in a digital-first world with a high demand for socially responsible companies; this is the generation that will call a brand out if they sense distrust or misalignment between a company’s actions and mission. As mentioned above, your values need to be continuously communicated, but more than that, ensure your values are embedded within your company culture; marketing is no longer enough.


  1. Have your brand embrace personality

Although we said this generation is not only about TikTok, their attraction to the app does speak to their style and personality preference. According to McKinsey & Company, no longer are the days of conformity; Gen Zers want to stand out. The millennial minimalist branding development may not connect with this younger generation, so test out being raw and less polished. Later recommends incorporating Gen Z creators to help break the noise and connect with this gritty generation.


  1. Goodbye traditional marketing, hello entertainment

Gen Zers are digital-first consumers and see over 10,000 marketing messages a day! This means you need to break a lot of noise to grab their attention. As said above, tailor your content specifically for this generation and be sure to use the platforms they are on (yes, this means TikTok). Look at current trending topics and see how you can strategically incorporate them into your content creation for this new generation.


  1. A brand is only as good as its community

This is a generation growing up in a world of unrest, and loneliness rates are ten times higher in Gen Z than other generations. This means brands need to incorporate community building as a key priority. Gen Zs appreciate brands with deep, meaningful engagement. Later recommends working with various ambassadors to connect with this audience and remember to bring in people with influence, not necessarily just influencers.