In a climate of agency closures, Faulhaber Communications celebrates its two-year milestone of West Coast office

“The secret to success is more than multiple locations and campaign launches.”

Faulhaber West Coast Celebrates 2 Years, In-spite of Agency Closures

This year marks 19 years that we’ve been in business. Our story is a long and winding road and although it’s easy to always look ahead at what’s next, we want to take time this month to celebrate a new milestone: our Vancouver office turns two!

Embracing success

The FAULHABER west coast office has contributed to our nationwide client programs and executed campaigns specific to the region.

In 2018, the office led community events and tribe dinners for dosist, the soon-to-be-legal cannabis wellness brand, NEOSTRATA for the “peel sides” pop up, ambassador programs for Genesis Motors, media desksides and influencer previews for Charlotte Tilbury and outdoor influencer experiences (paddleboarding) for the beauty brand, eos.

Recognizing change

The combination of changing industry trends, a rapidly-shrinking Canadian media landscape, the exponential growth of influencer marketing and the increasing importance of proxy versus vanity metrics has led our team to continue to evolve.

We’ve seen the continued growth of our digital department, hired new team members in both offices and are working with best-in-market experts. We work with market specialists who will offer their expertise, enabling us to plan, execute and host successful brand campaigns that connect with our audiences.

Faulhaber West Coast Celebrates 2 Years, In-spite of Agency Closures

Acknowledging the behind the scenes

Lead by Alberta-native, Malania Dela Cruz, the Vancouver team continues to also localize brand campaigns by knowing the west coast audience intimately.

“Through our deep-rooted relationships and customized approach to the West Coast market, we’ve established FAULHABER as a go-to lifestyle agency in the West,”

– says Malania Dela Cruz, Director at FAULHABER West Coast.

“With a team on the ground, we’re able to maintain longstanding relationships with media, influencers, KOLs and tastemakers. Our team of in-market specialists are smart, adaptable and full of creative ideas. We are excited to build the brand further in 2019 and grow our team.”

Faulhaber West Coast Celebrates 2 Years, In-spite of Agency Closures

A consistent push to follow trends

Staying relatable and connecting with audiences that tend to be less loyal and more critical than previous generations will continue being a challenge for brands. As an agency, now is the time to continue driving that effort.

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