Using video content to boost engagement

Whether it’s on social media, or in real life, video content is everywhere. We see it, we take it in, and we continue scrolling for more.

Video content has quickly taken over photo content and transformed the way we consume media in our day-to-day lives. With as many as 300 million daily active users watching video on a platform like YouTube, for example, video is a significant opportunity for lifestyle brands in 2019.

Video content is king to boost engagement

If we haven’t sold you on it yet, here are a few reasons video should be a marketing priority this year:

Improve SEO

If used properly, video content can be a powerful tool in assisting with your SEO strategy. Making an engaging video that gets shared will be a powerful tool for driving links back to your website if hosted on your site (rather than Youtube or Vimeo).

Increase conversions

When it’s done right, video content will hold the attention of the viewer. It’ll keep your audience engaged and will give them a new platform to get to know you better. With the ideal goal being increasing conversions, the longer you can keep a potential customer engaged on your website, the better.

Boost engagement

As audiences spend more time watching content, you’ll notice they will also start interacting and engaging with your content more. This happens organically but essentially, good video content will help your content get shared and will keep them coming back for more.

Video isn’t as hard as it once was

Compelling video content is no longer difficult or expensive to create. A good video can be made using any smartphone with a camera and video editing software; programs like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are free! Learn more and take your brand to the next level this year.