Wellness Perks That Boost Your Bottom Line

At FAULHABER we use Gallup Strengths and one of my top strengths is individualization. That means I quickly see and understand what a team member needs to be valued and feel successful. Many of these things relate to wellness. Below are a few things we do and encourage the team to do.

Work remotely – Sometimes being out of the office is important to clear your head and balance little things like finding time to do the laundry! At FAULHABER we give this option to all employees and make more time available to those who see it as a true benefit to their performance and well being.

Investing in vacation – It is important to have down time and turnoff. In our industry it is tough! To try to manage this, each FAULHABER employee starts with four weeks vacation. In addition, we have extended summer long weekends and are closed over the holidays.

The right benefits plan – Holistic healthcare is important whether it’s a naturopath, massage therapist or acupuncturist. At FAULHABER we selected our benefits plan carefully to ensure employees have coverage for the services that will help them feel and perform their best.

Making time to have fun – It is always much easier to sit at your desk and eat lunch than go outside or call a friend. I am guilty as charged! We include frequent fun breaks to encourage the team to recharge and relax. This month, we are doing a fun coffee and donut outing to the Stackt Market. Toronto’s newest, coolest activity hub.

Andrea Anders 

Vice President