According to Facebook, Creative Content Matters

The FAULHABER digital team recently attended Creator Conversations, a session presented by Facebook and Instagram where they shared some of the best and most inspiring work recently launched on their platforms. 

At the session, our team got a sneak peek into some interesting insights:


  • Did you know? 65% of our clients’ ad performance is dependent on what you create. (We can’t emphasize enough how important great content is to your brand’s success online. It’s why we launched FSTOP Studios
  • Create for how people consume content on a mobile device:
    • Capture attention quickly
    • Design for sound off
    • Frame for a vertical screen
    • Build for the business outcome, not engagement bait (and be sure to measure success as close as you can to real business outcomes)
  • Find the right person at the right time by creating ideas that can run across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and more
  • Average Seconds of Ad Attention:
    • 1.7 seconds for Print
    • 2.7 for Mobile
    • 6.9 for TV ads
  • Based on mobile behaviours, building assets for these behaviours is recommended to improve campaign success:
    • Pitch – short sec long content (Example: when you’re in line at the grocery store)
    • Play – a bit more fun, longer content (Example: when you have a bit more time to kill)
    • Plunge – much longer deeper experience (Example: when you are lounging, bored, and ready to be entertained)
  • The best work isn’t adapted for mobile – it’s created FOR it
  • Don’t just follow the best practices – get creative. There is always room to bend the rules and try new things.


We left the session feeling creatively energized! Stay tuned for another article with more from the session, coming soon.

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