Why PR is Essential for Emerging Industries

In today’s evolving landscape, new industries are always emerging. These innovations have something in common, whether it’s artificial intelligence or cryptocurrency: they all need PR. And they need it now.

The biggest struggle new innovations face is getting the right message across to the right audience in a timely manner. What good is a new product if no one knows it exists or how it can benefit them? This is where PR plays a crucial role.

In established industries, your task is simple. Convince consumers that they should buy your product over a competitor’s. In an emerging industry, though, your job extends to educating consumers on why they should pay attention to this new industry to begin with.

Consumers won’t adopt new products or trends if they don’t understand them.

For years, FAULHABER has helped brands in emerging industries tell their story. Here are a couple tips you can use to do the same.

How PR Can Help

The foundation of PR lies in building trust and relationships with different audiences. There are many strategies you can use to develop these relationships, but it’s important to understand meaningful relationships are not created overnight.

The most obvious strategy you can use in an emerging industry is positioning your brand as a thought leader.

  • Use your social media channels and internet presence to share resources and articles educating consumers on your industry.
  • Offer to do interviews with media, sharing your knowledge and expertise on industry trends.
  • Be open to answering all questions posed by the media. The more expertise you can provide on your industry, the more likely the media will call on you the next time they need an expert opinion.

Another great way to offer credibility to your brand or product is through endorsements published by third parties.

  • Develop standard key messages to share with media, ensuring an unbiased and consistent narrative regarding your industry.
  • Consider creating partnerships with established industry influencers on social media. They have a following who trusts their opinion, leverage that to your advantage. While there may not be many relevant influencers in your emerging industry, the value of researching and partnering with just one may give your brand the push it needs.

PR is Essential in Today’s Landscape

When it comes to emerging industries, education leads to adoption. PR is essential in conveying the importance of emerging industries to early adopters. Once they’ve adopted a trend or product, it’s only a matter of time before the mass public does.

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