Why You Should Consider A Pop-Up As A Launch Strategy

Buying habits have changed a lot. In the last decade, consumers have shifted their buying motives to value experiences just as much as (or more than) the product or service itself. Simply put, how you sell matters. This consumer paradigm has contributed to the popularity of experience-based marketing events, often known as pop-ups.

Here are 3 reasons to consider a pop-up in your next campaign strategy:

  • They’re low commitment and high reward: In 2019, 57% of consumers prefer to shop online. With brick and mortar stores attracting less attention, event marketers can attract audiences without the long-term commitment of rental units.
  • They’re flexible: A properly designed pop-up experience takes the brand to the audience. They can pop-up anytime and anywhere to attract consumers across multiple locations quickly.
  • They’re here for a limited time only: In an age of FOMO (fear of missing out), pop-ups bring excitement through their exclusive short-lived nature. This is also beneficial when attracting social and press hits encouraging audiences to “come out while they can.”

Pop-ups can be an exciting and effective way to drive brand awareness, build lasting relationships, and create social buzz through unique experiences. For more tips on leading effective pop-ups, check out these tips from Event Manager Blog.

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