Roc – TikTok Campaign

Date 2021
Industry Beauty
Influencer relations Product launch Social media

Generate awareness and increase sales of the Line Smoothing Night Serum Capsules.

To launch Roc’s latest innovation Faulhaber tapped into the power of TikTok to execute the first ever campaign for Roc in Canada.

Partnered with 7 influencers and 1 dermatologist
Partners spoke to the product’s key benefits and claims, as well as showcased the overnight results
Select content was amplified with paid, following a period of organic growth, to maximize results

Partner with smallest following generated the most impressions
Videos under 30 seconds performed on average 15% better
Higher budget spend amongst fewer partners generated 83% of total impressions

  • 9M+ impressions
  • 10.5M+ engagements
  • 106% engagement rate
  • 37,071 video views
  • 25% increase in sales
  • surpassed engagement benchmark by 2,000%